Case Study: Creating Summertime in January

The City of Charlotte hired us to create a public service campaign about keeping the sidewalks clear after the tragic death of a boy who was killed by a car after he swerved into the street to avoid garbage cans on the sidewalk.  The photo shoot, which took place in January, would be released later in the year and needed a summertime look.

We scouted for a photo backplate to use to composite the rest of the image, but nothing seemed to work just right.  Trees and streetlights were in the way, the neighborhood landscaping didn't look right, or it was too difficult to add leaves to the existing vegetation.

We instead decided to utilize the many advantages and 100% control of building the project in 3D.  We chose the layout of the major elements and began to create the scene piece by piece.  Here you can see we added a sidewalk, a fence, a couple trees and a house, and most of the final detail is still to come.  The mannequin was added to show the placement of our model, who would be photographed in the studio at a later date.

cgi photo background 1.jpg

Next we built the house, seen here in a screenshot of the software:

cgi screenshot of cinema 4d.jpg

...and added some additional trees/bushes:

cgi bushes and trees.jpg

Then we experimented with various fences:

Next we added depth of field:

Final 3D setup:

clay cgi scene.jpg

To complete the campaign we photographed various models and obstacles and added them to the CGI backplate


The final shots were used in mailers sent to every home in the city, on municipal trucks, online, on posters and more.

sidewalk cgi photo.jpg





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