Blocks and Punches


Blocks and Punches is a drill for two people which increases in complexity as the partners progress in rank. Each rank adds a new set of techniques, and the drill is practiced cumulatively from the beginning through the techniques for the rank of the defending partner. This drill provides conditioning, timing for the hands and arms of both partners in a controlled sequence. To begin the drill, the partners face one another separated by a distance of one arm length. One partner is designated as the attacker, the other as the defender. The attacker alternates punches to the defender’s centerline, beginning with the right punch and executing four attacks with the specified techniques using a staggered (left, right, right left) blocking sequence. The start point for soft style techniques begin across the body in the direction of the partner’s opposite shoulder. At the higher levels, a suitable counter attack follows each block. The defender is free to use body mobility as part of the defense but should not make significant stance adjustments during the drill.


One Green Stripe

(in rectangular stance)

Lower block

Inner middle block

Rising block


Two Green Stripes

(in rectangular stance)

Outer block

Knifehand block


Green Belt

(in inward stance with counter attacks)

Elbow block

Middle low block


One Brown Stripe

(in inward stance with counter attacks)

Soft lower block

Soft inner middle block

Soft rising block

Soft outer block (monkey)


Two Brown Stripes

(in inward stance with counter attacks)

Soft knifehand block (crane)

Downward forearm block

Sweeping block

Brown Belt

(in inward stance with counter attacks)

Soft middle low block

Pressing block

Inner outer block

One Black Stripe

(in inward stance with counter attacks)

Palm push


Two Black Stripes & Black Belt

(stationary / moving in forward and back stance)

All blocks & counter attacks