Video Production & 3D Animation

Dirt Devil

CGI vacuums + motion graphics used to create this 20-second commercial for Dirt Devil.



Video production, editing, and factory video by Wray Ward Advertising. Our team captured the car interiors and artist close-ups, as well as created the CGI car exteriors.


C.A.R.E. - Doctor Profile


Cooke & Bieler

Cooke & Bieler is an investment firm in Philadelphia, PA. This audio-free video plays in the background of their new website.


Pringles Xtreme


Pamlico Capital

Pamlico Capital is an investment firm in Charlotte, NC with over $2 billion in managed assets. This video is a looping homepage video on their website.


Food Babe

Our friend Vani Hari, a.k.a. Food Babe, is taking the food industry head-on by challenging companies to be more responsible and teaching consumers how to live healthier lives. We are highly supportive of her efforts and are pleased to be a part of her campaign to change the world. Our videos for Food Babe have launched petitions that made Kellogg's and General Mills take BHT out of cereal and Anheuser Busch agree to list their ingredients, as well as a manifesto video that helped launch her NY Times Bestselling book. Our videos for Food Babe have been viewed more than 350,000 times.

BHT Petition

Manifesto/Book Launch

National Beer Petition

Eating Guide Video


100 Days of Real Food - Lisa Leake Book Launch


Clinique Happy


Jabees Headphones


Association of Old Crows - Animation


Ansell - TNT Chemical Splash Resistant Technology

We only did the various animations in this video.