The Encore Condominium Project


The developers of one of the world's most unique condominium towers, where car elevators allow even penthouse residents to park in their homes, wanted a visual representation of equal magnitude. 

encore 1-300px.jpg

So we decided to give their floorplan a pulse!

encore 2-300px.jpg

To create a living floorplan we had to photograph everything one would find in a home from a bird's-eye view.

The salt/pepper shakers, the snack food, paint cans, the hors d'oeuvres, the furniture, the cookie jar, the Ferrari, the lamps, the TVs....

encore 3.jpg

The sleeping girl, the kid stealing cookies, the neighbors hanging out, the hamper, the sporting gear, the magazines.....  You get the picture.

encore 4.jpg

Over 1,000 layers compose the final image.

So what does a living floorplan look like?


Here are some close-ups:


This project won a Gold Addy.





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