Find Your Center


Center City Partners came to us to create six different images about uptown life, each showcasing a different aspect of urban living: culture, nightlife, restaurants, shopping, sports and residential.

But we offered up a slightly better concept: a single, continuous image that brings all the energy of uptown living into one dynamic image that focuses on those six aspects. They loved the idea!

So we made a mock-up:

FYC - Mock-up.jpg

Then we pieced together the panoramic backgrounds for each of the different aspects of uptown.
Here are the residential and cultural backgrounds:

residential charlotte.jpg
culture charlotte nc.jpg

Then we photographed the 93 models:

cgi photography charlotte nc.jpg
charlotte photography.jpg
photographers in charlotte nc.jpg
commercial photography.jpg
photography cgi charlotte north carolina.jpg
photography charlotte nc.jpg

After much post-production the image was complete. Here are some stats on what it took to make this project:

Final Image Size: 14GB
Number of Photoshop Layers: 163
Aspect Ratio: 23:1
Number of Models: 93
Number of Pets: 2

The Find Your Center Image:


Here's a close-up:

find you center.jpg

Then we created the wallscapes, the billboards, the websites, etc:

billboard 3.jpg
billboard 2.jpg

The project won:

Gold Addy for Digital Photography
Special Recognition - Gold Addy in Art Direction
District Gold Addy for Digital Photography
District Special Recognition - Gold Addy in Art Direction.


Sean Busher Imagery

811 W. 4th Street

Charlotte, NC 28202


Represented by NK Reps

2510 Russell Street, #2

Berkeley, CA 94705