No, He Doesn't Fit Dogs For Glasses

We just completed a doctor profile video for CARE - Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency. Dr. Broadwell is an animal ophthalmologist, which means he deals with diseases of the eye (not fitting dogs for eyeglasses!).

Student Portfolio Throwdown!

Today I reviewed student portfolios at The Light Factory's annual Portfolio Throwdown. It's always great to see students doing great work and being around the energy of folks realizing they stumbled into a lifelong passion. I hope all of these students succeed in photography, their portfolios certainly give me hope!

Video Camera for Eyeglasses

This shoot was for a tiny video camera that can be mounted to eye glasses for all sorts of industry applications. The company, PogoTec, has partnered with the world's biggest eye glass makers so I'd expect to see these around soon.

Product on White, Woo hoo!

Yeah, we even make simple product shots on white look good! This was for a new Chinese company who is starting a North American division called Sun Seeker. You'll be seeing this stuff around soon!

Foundation for the Carolinas

Seventeen years ago or so, when I was in college, Foundation for the Carolinas oversaw a fund for Spirit Square that granted me a scholarship to UNC Chapel Hill for two years. It was a great gift that enabled me to spend more time focusing on improving my skills as UNC's yearbook photo editor. All these years later I've still got a great relationship with FFTC as they started hiring me straight out of school for many of their corporate projects. This one is for their new website, showcasing some of their great spaces in the heart of uptown Charlotte. One thing worth noting is that this image was capture in January when the trees are dormant, but with a little help from good o'l CGI we were able to produce a summertime look.

A New Learning Environment

The architects at Little worked with Covenant High School to create a learning environment for the 21st century, complete with high tech classrooms and a lot of interaction between people and spaces. Here we show off some of those building features.

Vacuum for Oreck Commercial

We create images like this via both traditional photography or via CGI. Ultimately the results are the same, but the process is obviously very different. Can you tell whether this is CGI or a standard photo? I'll give you the answer.... this one is a photo captured with a camera. To get the straps and positioning all just right we had a complicated setup using fishing wire. Funny how difficult a simple product shot on white can be! This image is being used very large at a trade show, in addition to many other marketing materials.

CGI Circuit Board of Washington, DC

The Association of Old Crows, which is an organization interested in warfare and other governmental operations within the electromagnetic spectrum, commissioned us to create a map of Washington, DC that is made to look like a circuit board for their annual conference. Here are a couple of the resulting images:

Change of Season with Retouching

Huber Engineered Woods wanted to changed a photo we took for them from summer to winter in order to better target their customers in the northeast. So, we rephotographed the background person, added some frost, extended the foam product, swapped the background, and cooled the tones in the whole image. More appropriate now, huh?

Architecture - Francis Marion University

We complete architecture shoots regularly, but don't often post about them. So, we thought we would throw one on the blog for fun.... This is Francis Marion University's new health sciences building located in Florence, SC and was photographed for Little Diversified Architectural Consulting and Watson Tate Savory.

CGI Molecule for Catalent

Just finished a quick project for Catalent, a global provider of drug delivery technology and development solutions for drugs, biologics and consumer health products.