Video for Coats with Wray Ward Advertising

We worked with Wray Ward to produce visuals for their new video for Coats, the worldwide leader in thread production (think: thread that holds your steering wheel together, seats, airbag, etc., plus many other industry applications as well). We produced the car interior videos with the sweeping lights, as well as the artist closeups. Additionally, the car exteriors were produced by our team, but it isn't real - it's 100% CGI. Great job by Wray Ward with the feel and overall execution of the video!

Superheroes Wanted w/ Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts

We worked with the City of Charlotte to turn Mayor Jennifer Roberts into a superhero for the Mayor's Youth Employment Program, which works with businesses in the region to promote hiring and inclusion of younger workers. On each side of the mayor are representatives from supporting businesses, including Carolina Panthers' Roman Harper, and Microsoft, Carolinas Healthcare System, Charlotte Works, and Siemens Energy.

Secret Architecture Shoot

We just wrapped a project for a company in Charlotte, but unfortunately we're not allowed to mention the company or the location of their offices. Shhhh.... super secret! Regardless, the images turned out great and all the companies (GC, architect, etc, etc) are all very pleased. Here is my favorite image from the shoot:

Architectural Record - Back Cover

Interrupt Marketing and Oldcastle Architectural hired our team to produce a CGI image with a very cool concept. We constructed a CGI version of Oldcastle's Echelon brand's logo using their own masonry products. As you'll see below, their logo is two intertwined E's, which really stands out in the ad layout. Look for this campaign to launch soon, beginning with the back cover the magazine Architectural Record.

CGI Brings Logo to Life!

Grant Thornton, one of the world's biggest boutique accounting and tax advisory firms, which is semi-headquartered here in Charlotte, hired us to bring their logo to life in 3D form and place it in streetscapes throughout the uptown Charlotte area.

Here are the results:

Thanksgiving Day Parade

Charlotte Center City Partners hired us to capture this poster-sized art to represent the Thanksgiving Day Parade here in town. Buried in the trees of this image are the floats that marched down Tryon Street this year.

The Reason We Created The Descent of Man

Conversation. The best part of my recent project has been the conversations that have been sparked because of the themes involved, most notably Science vs. Spirituality. I met with Jonathan Piscatelli, a writer for Charlotte Agenda and the president of AAF Charlotte (the advertising consortium) for hours at Freedom Park a couple weeks ago, and we talked about all sorts of different ways to look at and experience the world around us. Salmon Rushdie, Abraham Hicks, quantum physics and the double-slit experiments were just a few of the topics discussed, and I started reading a book he recommended called Nine Kinds of Naked. Thank you to Jonathan and all the others that have engaged in fun and enlightening conversations thanks to The Descent of Man.

He'll be posting a portion of the conversation as a podcast on the AAF site, but here is the Charlotte Agenda story that went online a couple days ago:

A Happy Client....

I received an email this morning from a happy client and thought it was worth sharing. I won't reveal the firm for privacy sake, but here's what she said:

Hey Sean,

I caught up with this morning with the team who was at the photo shoot with you last night and they felt it went great!  I just wanted to thank you for being so amazing to work with and helping us capture great images that help us tell our story.  We’ve worked with a lot of photographers and you really stand out as someone who brings great vision and really becomes a creative partner when capturing these projects.  I’m excited about working with you a lot more!

I look forward to seeing the photos!

Thanks for all you do.



Installation of The Descent of Man

The installation at Wedgewood Church is really best seen at dusk, just after the sun has gone down and the brightness of these light boxes starts to take over the campus. Check out some images we created showcasing the installation:

The Descent of Man

Our team has worked a very long time on a personal project that we're now finally ready to take to the world. It's called The Descent of Man and it's about my belief in the concepts of science and spirituality coexisting completely without discrediting the other. I believe that science and spirituality are two sides of the same beautiful coin called life, and it's my hope that The Descent of Man can help foster a social dialogue that moves our society in a more sane direction.


To accomplish this task we are pushing a few buttons, but we think that's what's needed in order to move the conversation forward. The Descent of Man explores the ramifications of Jesus (played by me) returning to Earth to teach evolution to humanity.

View the project at the link below and enjoy the images!

The Teacher

The Student

The Parent

The School Board

The Public

The Jury

The Media

The Prison

Executive Portraits at National Gypsum

We spent an afternoon at the National Gypsum headquarters photographing CEO Tom Nelson and other executives for their marketing materials. As usual, we incorporated bits of CGI and retouching when necessary in order to make each scene look it's best.

CGI of Patek Philippe watch

We think this new CGI we've just produced is right on time. We're especially excited about getting another chance to play with splash CGI effects, which continue to get easier with advancements in CGI technology.