The Reason We Created The Descent of Man

Conversation. The best part of my recent project has been the conversations that have been sparked because of the themes involved, most notably Science vs. Spirituality. I met with Jonathan Piscatelli, a writer for Charlotte Agenda and the president of AAF Charlotte (the advertising consortium) for hours at Freedom Park a couple weeks ago, and we talked about all sorts of different ways to look at and experience the world around us. Salmon Rushdie, Abraham Hicks, quantum physics and the double-slit experiments were just a few of the topics discussed, and I started reading a book he recommended called Nine Kinds of Naked. Thank you to Jonathan and all the others that have engaged in fun and enlightening conversations thanks to The Descent of Man.

He'll be posting a portion of the conversation as a podcast on the AAF site, but here is the Charlotte Agenda story that went online a couple days ago: