The Descent of Man

Our team has worked a very long time on a personal project that we're now finally ready to take to the world. It's called The Descent of Man and it's about my belief in the concepts of science and spirituality coexisting completely without discrediting the other. I believe that science and spirituality are two sides of the same beautiful coin called life, and it's my hope that The Descent of Man can help foster a social dialogue that moves our society in a more sane direction.


To accomplish this task we are pushing a few buttons, but we think that's what's needed in order to move the conversation forward. The Descent of Man explores the ramifications of Jesus (played by me) returning to Earth to teach evolution to humanity.

View the project at the link below and enjoy the images!

The Teacher

The Student

The Parent

The School Board

The Public

The Jury

The Media

The Prison