CGI Green Truck

It's been a while since we've had time to work on a personal project, but we were recently able to fit one in - check out our CGI Green Truck. Not only is the vehicle an electric car, but it's entirely made out of plants! The headlights are sunflowers, the running boards are made of branches, etc. As usual our team's CGI artist, Peter Godshall, did an amazing job with this concept.

Product CGI for National Gypsum

National Gypsum has hired us to create CGI versions of their entire product lineup for various catalog and collateral needs. We took the product packaging designs and added them to digitally-created buckets, bags and boxes to make the completely CGI versions you see here. Although the catalog needs are fairly simple product renderings at this point, they'll also become extremely valuable assets to have on hand as we continue to produce marketing and advertising visuals for the company going forward.

The Sky is the Limit

Here are a couple of new concepts we created for Qs/1. The images will be used for ads about their cloud-based services and rock-solid server stability. Note that the entire rock formation was created via CGI, which had to be molded and modified along the way to satisfy the tastes and final ad layout needs of the art director.

Sunny side of CGI

A couple years ago we created this rainy CGI image for our client, Huber Engineered Woods. The image was created to show how great the product is in standing up to the weather. However, they found that buyers of the product in California and other markets needed a different look since they receive such little rain (especially lately with the terrible drought they're experiencing). So, Huber asked us to update this file with a beautiful, sunny day. Here is the before and after of this project:




Award-Winning CGI

No, we didn't win any awards with this fairly simple CGI project, but this image is about the awards our customer, Huber Engineered Woods, has won for their Zip System line of products. Thanks to the ad agency Wray Ward for working with us on this image. This CGI photo shows a trophy made out of Zip System products.

A Quickie for Continental Tire

Continental Tire needed a couple photos of various vehicles for some new websites they are building. Instead of having to create a whole production to photograph these vehicles, we were able to start with stock 3D to quickly and affordably render these images with the color, style, license plates, tires, angles, etc of our client's choosing. No photo shoot necessary on this one - we had finished products to the client in the same amount of time it takes just to rent these cars. Yay CGI! This image shows three vehicles our team rendered using stock CGI.

Stock 3D was used to perfect the right look for our advertising clients.

I Froze My A$* Off For This Shot!

Our client (and serial entrepreneur) Jim Donnelly is introducing health clubs across the country to CryoTherapy, a chamber that uses liquid hydrogen to cool the body to the point that it thinks it's about to die. Sounds crazy, right? Well apparently a whole series of metabolic activities happen within the body that help with damaged tissue, reduce inflammation, increase cellular metabolism and much more. It's like taking an ice bath, except it's dry. It's a health craze that you'll hear about soon if you haven't already. Here are a couple of the images we created for the rollout of these machines... Full body shot of someone in a cryotherapy chamber.


Portrait photography of woman experiencing cryotherapy.


National Gypsum Makes Book of Our CGI

National Gypsum came to us with the concept of showing how buildings come to life - starting from the initial concept sketch, through the construction process, and then showcasing the finished structure. We used a combination of 3D imagery, illustration and photo compositing to produce the visuals below.  These will be printed in a new book about National Gypsum's product lineup.  

We Celebrates Les Paul's 100th

Our CGI team just invested in the newest edition of the 3D software MODO and was chomping at the bit to test some of the new features. Peter Godshall, our digital team's leader and a major music buff, decided to pay tribute to Les Paul (on what would have been his centennial birth year) by creating a CGI version of his favorite guitar.

New Low Poly CGI Project

This project allowed Peter Godshall, our team's digital imager, to take a break from our usual photo-realistic CGI creations to instead produce this low poly landscape. Even with the low poly export you can see the guy's shadow on the mountain wall and the beautiful reflections in the waterfall - so cool!

Low poly CGI is very eye-catching for advertising.

New CGI for Continental Tire

The Continental Tire marketing team hired us to produce imagery for the sides of their big rigs and delivery trucks, etc. We're excited that our CGI services have been utilized by this multi-national company once again! Advertising CGI for Continental Tire. Another great advertising CGI image for Continental Tire.

The Latest From Our Corporate/Architecture Clientele

We photographed the new Charlotte School of Law building in uptown Charlotte, here's our favorite image:

Michael Mariscano, CEO of Foundation for the Carolinas Catherine Bassant, Global Technology and Operations Executive, Bank of America Chris Kearney, Chairman, President, CEO, SPX Corporation[/one_half][one_half_last padding="0px 2px 0 2px"][/one_half_last]

UNCC's Belk School of Business hired us to shoot student portraits:

The City of Charlotte hired us to shoot residential buildings close to the commercial buildings of uptown:

Can You Imagine Arts, Science and History in 2025? We Did!

The Arts and Science Council commissioned our team to create three dynamic images to represent art, science and history in the year 2025. Basically, they wanted to see a life filled with wonder, amazement, learning and excitement. The images were released during a TEDx-style event all about the arts. We are honored that ASC would hire us to create envision this future. Check them out, plus a behind-the-scenes video of our team in action: Arts & Science Council - Imagine 2025 #2

Arts & Science Council - Imagine 2025 #1

Arts & Science Council - Imagine 2025 #3


Can You Figure Out the Puzzle?

The Arts & Science Council is using social media to build momentum for the September 23rd event called Imagine 2025: Share the Vision, a day-long event about the arts in Charlotte and a release of the 2025 Vision Plan for the ASC. Our team was commissioned to make three dynamite images to represent the future of arts in Charlotte, NC and we look forward to their release/exhibition at this event. These puzzle piece CGI images were created to send out in various social media posts to build excitement and intrigue. Take a look and start piecing together what these images will look like in their entirety. Purchase tickets to the event here: