Time Lapse at the new Knights Stadium

Rodgers Builders hired us to shoot the opening of the new Knights Stadium in uptown Charlotte last Friday. This video took 2700 photos and 70gb of memory to create - holy cow! 

We've been having a lot of fun creating time lapses lately, and will be implementing some new technologies into future videos that will really knock some socks off. 

Food Babe hires us for Eating Guide Video

Heard of the Food Babe? She's getting lots of national attention lately and we've been helping! The latest is not one of her typical Goliath-slamming food activist videos (though we're working with her on several of those), it's her Healthy Eating Guide video. Check it out: 

CGI Demo Reel v1.0

We do our best to show off just how versatile the CGI creation process can be.  Peter Godshall, our digital imager and CGI artist, has taken six of our projects and combined the computer-generated aspects of each into one super-awesome demo reel video.  Hope you enjoy!